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UpcomingWomen's Retreat & Pilgrimage

In the foothills of the Pyrenees, the land that was once home to Mary Magdalene when she sought refuge following her beloved's crucifixion, we embark upon an outer and inner journey.



Mariam will be teaching Kundalini Yoga, breathwork and meditation and Gabriela will be offering shamanic practices from within the women’s lineage she is trained in.


We will be pilgrimaging to Mary Magdalene’s sacred sites. And we will offer ceremony and individual shamanic healing.


All meals are plant-based and zero waste.


Long  venerated by cultures throughout time, the serpent is a symbol of  wisdom. She was known as Kebechet by the Ancient Egyptians, Quetzalcoatl by the  Mayans, Lilith by the Gnostics and Python by the Ancient Greeks.


After being obscured  by powerful state religions, she now rises again and provides a healing  balm for these fragile times. By remembering to speak her ancient  tongue, we celebrate the female wisdom teachers of the ancient past that have been largely forgotten, and we take a revolutionary step towards restoring Eden on Earth. 


We will meet with the Serpent in her various forms. As the Kundalini life force that nests within our bodies, and as the Spirit Guide of the Serpent Priestess who can reawaken our true countenance. And we will do so under the tutelage of Mary Magdalene as a Spirit Teacher and Guide. Through shamanic practices, sound, breath-work, meditation and kundalini yoga,  participants will excavate the infinite sources of wisdom held within the body to heal ourselves and our world.