I have had transformative experiences working with Gabriela on several occasions. She continuously creates a safe container where I could go deep and explore the inner workings of my being.


I am very much looking forward to continue journeying with her guidance, wisdom, and loving kindness. She is a beautiful soul who has a strong desire to help in the healing process. 

Gracias gracias gracias for all that you do!

Grateful to know you.

Erika Cartagena, Brooklyn

I had the unique pleasure to undergo shamanic healing with Gabriela. I found her manner to be professional, intuitive and calm. She helped me understand how the practice would work and introduced it and debriefed me well. I found the whole experience very relaxing and came away feeling more connected with myself and the environment. 


I have also appreciated accompanying Gabriela on a shamanic pilgrimage to her homeland. Here I observed her earnest, diligent and  present nature. I find her way of being very inspiring and sense she is a natural healer and medium with a special ability to connect with a large range of beings.


I do recommend Gabriela's work to others and look forward to working with her again to help me work on myself.

Tim Gale, NHS nurse, London, UK

Working with Gabriela has been unlike any other self-discovery process I've ever engaged in. She is a deeply wise and gentle guide who is helping me deepen my respect for my intuition and honor my own process. When she drums and I go on a journey, I can literally feel myself move into another dimension, where thought and judgement are suspended and I am given messages and answers about the questions I have brought to a session. I have gone on several journeys with Gabriela's guidance, and each one has been different and revealed new things to me, but each has also been very similar in its structure and sense of complete safety.


Gabriela has become a trusted companion on my spiritual path, and I am deeply grateful for her insight and understanding of the intangible aspects of our experience as human beings. Much love to you on your journey!

Tracy Durkin, therapist, New Jersey USA

Gabriela's professional and empathetic instruction made it possible for me to meet an important guide during a Shamanic Journey. That experience was so expansive that I tapped into my ability to paint.

While I believe I was born with that ability, it was my guide that inspired me to make it a life-altering habit.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Gabriela and look forward to a lifetime of guidance and friendship.

Yolanda Navarra, writer, New Jersey

Through Gabriela's guidance into my alternate worlds in our one-to-one shamanic journeying sessions, I was enlightened and reassured that the personal and professional choices I have made are all for a reason, and are connected to something greater than I ever imagined, leading to inner wisdom and greater peace.

Barbara Shirvanian Woodie,

Real Estate Agent, New Jersey

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