Shamanism deals with the ecological, psychological and spiritual crisis of humanity.

The most ancient of spiritual practices, shamanism is a cross-cultural spiritual healing methodology long obscured by powerful state religions and politics. It is now re-emerging in the West and opening the doors to individual, direct spiritual experiences.

Indigenous peoples have always had this knowledge, but the rise of patriarchy in so-called civilized societies has made some people lose their way.

Although it is not a religion, like religions and many healing modalities, shamanism recognizes and accepts that there is a spiritual reality and that it can be worked with positively for the benefit of all beings.

In other words, we are more than our physical bodies, so we sometimes need help at the spiritual level to restore balance and vitality to our mind, body and spirit.

The fundamental element of shamanism draws us closer to understanding our deep unity and interdependence. With this can come greater compassion for our fellow beings and the planet herself, which sustains us all.

"The practice of shamanism was gifted to humans by the compassionate spirits over 100,000 years ago to help them survive. And obviously we need the power of these universal and ancient practices to assist in the survival of life on this Earth."

Sandra Ingerman

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