Seeing in the Dark your own Bosom you bear your Heaven

And Earth and all you behold;

tho' it appears Without it is Within,

In your Imagination of which this World of Mortality is but a Shadow.

- William Blake

Shamanic Journeying is a method used in classical and core shamanism to access guidance, healing and insight from the unseen worlds of the Shaman, and to draw it into our every-day lives.

An introduction is offered to shamanism and the core practice within it, the Journey, i.e., seeing in the dark. This ancient art of soul flight through the shaman’s world, with the intention of meeting a spirit ally, is a powerful problem-solving technique. It enables the journeyer to dive deeply into their subconscious mind and then deeper into the realm of the Spirits. It is a gift we are all born with.


You will learn:

- how to navigate through the unseen realms using the strong eye of a shaman

- how to establish reliable relationships with what in shamanic practice are called Helping Spirits

- how to seek guidance and support to resolve any daily life problems

- how to commune with deceased relatives, loved ones and ancestors

- how to find your life purpose and live with meaning and intention

- how to harbor a more intimate relationship with the Earth

By the end of the workshop or series of individual sessions, you will know all you need to continue your journey practice independently as a tool for positive personal transformation

In these delicate times we live in, engaging in shamanism provides a healing balm and an antidote to the root cause of the problems humanity faces.

By stretching the periphery of our vision, we engage in the revolutionary act of plunging into the unknown, yet ancestrally familiar, terrain that is the sovereign, autonomous, limitless path of the shaman, as a means of healing ourselves and our planet.


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