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Gabriela    Gutierrez


This is a space dedicated to the remembrance of something very old, primordial and simple.  


It is an online platform to access ancient healing and teaching from wherever you are on the globe.

And it is an invitation to engage in the revolutionary act of re-imagining ourselves and our world.


My work sits at the foot of the Great Libraries and the Temples of the ancient world.  It nests within the Caves and Crevices in which our oldest ancestors documented their findings from Dream Time in red ochre upon the walls.  It plummets back to the dawn of human consciousness, to a time when the scales of society were balanced and humanity lived in harmony with the natural world.  It has as its lifeline the vein of the Lyceum Lectorum, a European women's shamanic tradition that can be traced back through Great Britain, Eastern Europe, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and perhaps older civilisations still.  

I draw from this body of teachings that were passed down through the ages from woman to woman, surviving the major transitions in world views that contributed to the current planetary situation, and returning now to a world in dire need of its healing salves.


If we are to ensure a future in which humans and nature can thrive, what we do now (or don't) will determine the future for all life on Earth.  Never has it been more important to do our inner work. 

I created the Virtual Temple to offer teaching and healing from within this body of work to be accessible to anyone anywhere. I offer individual healing sessions, one-to-one instruction, and group courses, all online.  

"Working with Gabriela has been unlike any other self-discovery process I've ever engaged in."


Restoring, Remembering and Re-Imagining a Hidden Past

We need to remake the world in the image of the ancient stories.  To respect and revere ourselves and so to bring about a world in which women are respected and revered, recognised once again as holding the life-giving power of the Earth itself.  We can reclaim that image in each of us: the creative, ecstatic, powerful feminine that each of us embodies in our unique way.  Lacking it, it is no wonder that we are grieving, alienated, imbalanced - that we cannot find a way to belong to a world which denies us permission to be what we are, and which teaches us to cover up not just our bodies but our feelings, our dreams, our intuition.

Sharon Blackie


Garbo House, PENZANCE, UK

June 13  10am - 1pm 

The Rise of the Serpent

with Mariam Shakti Karan


March 14  5-8pm

Wildfood Cafe LONDON, UK

May 3 & June 14

The Garden Within



This retreat is rooted in awakening the seat of power that resides within. It seeks to revive the ways of ancient civilisations that held the Feminine Principle at heart. As an initiate in a lineage of womb shamans and temple priestesses, Gabriela offers her work alongside Shakti, who teaches kundalini yoga, breath work and meditation. Together they offer a deep container for healing and transformation.