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Distance Healing

The Pollen Method

The Pollen Method is an indefinitely ancient form of energy medicine and seership (intuitive spirit-driven guidance). Here we work with the restoration and remembrance of the true countenance and the opportunity to be reconnected into the greater hidden universe once again. There are a number of distinguishing features to this practice. Firstly, its practitioners are exclusively female due to the importance the womb plays in the method, being an agent and vessel of intelligence able to see, scan, witness and inform the practitioner. Secondly, the majority of the work takes place in semi-darkness - darkness being an important ally and teacher in the workings of this holistic practice, better able to reveal the luminosity of the client to the practitioner and client alike. At the end, a focus will be given to life after healing — how we can create healthier lives for ourselves and others after the healing has taken place. 

1:1 Virtual Mentoring


After receiving the Pollen Healing, most seek to continue their journey with Gabriela. In these vibrant 1:1 sessions, she offers personalised mentoring to help identify the Map of the Soul Path. You are invited to create a temple within the comfort of your own home where you can dive into teachings from the Mystery Schools, Shamanism and Ancient Dream Work, applying them to your daily life.

Mentoring usually takes place once a fortnight, with personalised resources and tools to cultivate between meetings.

"Though she would not call herself so, Gabriela is a healer and medium with an extraordinary ability to catalyse change.  Our sessions have utterly transformed my life and sense of belonging in the world.  Her humility, sense of humour, devotion to the betterment of humankind and unshakable will provides continuous inspiration for me to step up and meet life more fully.  She is a rare gift to our planet.  

I am deeply grateful and look forward to continuing to learn from you for many a year to come."

- Mentoring student


Women's Moon Gatherings


On the New and Full Moons, join a global sisterhood from around the world from the comfort of your own home.  Within the fast-pace of modern life, these gatherings aim to provide a sacred space for women to come together and go inwards.  Setting intentions for our lives every fortnight.  Receiving guidance from our spirit allies through an ancient practice used within women's shamanism.  Stepping ever further into who we came here to be.  And supporting each other in a safe container along the lunar way.

Woman, in her cyclical nature, mirrors the cycles of the moon. In other words, the outer lunar cycles illuminate a cycle that we each experience within ourselves. During the Full Moon, we go through a period of death, and as the moon wanes towards darkness, the New Moon offers a time of rebirth. Excavating this ancient relationship between woman and Moon will uncover an infinite well that has served our ancestors and our planet since the dawn of human consciousness. 

The gatherings are gentle, nourishing and revitalising. They answer the call of the woman who feels isolated in today's world, creating a monthly space for community and sisterhood. 

You are encouraged to create a special sacred space in your home that will be the symbol location for these gatherings. This can be a space that you use for your regular daily practice if you have one, or a simple candle in a corner of a room. 

The Garden Within

This is a rare opportunity to receive one-to-one teachings and practices from an ancient lineage of womb shamans and temple priestesses.  Originally passed down from mouth to ear, the wisdom of these women can be traced back through Great Britain, Eastern Europe, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Babylonia, and older civilisations still.  These women's mysteries invite anyone who identifies as a woman to excavate the infinite potential that resides within the body, a vessel understood to be an alchemical laboratory that can produce healing salves for these delicate times.  We begin by tending the Garden.


Seeing in the Dark

"We close our eyes, that we may see more clearly."

-  Simon Buxton

This course is initiatory and transmutational. It introduces participants to the Art of Soul Flight with a two-fold intention:

To meet with the Serpent as a Spirit Guide

To deep-dive into Gnosis (self-knowledge)

The Serpent is understood to be the guardian of the Earth, and brings forth teachings for these delicate times. Gathering once a week for 3 weeks, this course celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the intrinsic ability of all to alchemise any matter, no matter how hopeless, into gold.

✽ These sessions and courses are a remembrance of something very old, primordial and simple.


✽ You are encouraged to take responsibility for your own process as a way of reclaiming your sovereignty and being your own authority. 


✽ When we commit to doing our inner work, we change our behaviour, which in turn changes other people's behaviour. This is a form of activism in which you start shaping the world around you just by being who you are. In this way, we can create change on Earth and restore it into its true countenance, which is Eden.


✽ The more you do the practices, the more you will come to understand your shape in the world. They will give you a map to navigate your daily life while being tethered to the sacred.

✽ The women's courses are open to anyone who identifies as a woman or as non-binary.

✽ I have crafted the group courses as a direct response to the call of those who feel isolated in today's world and hunger for like-minded community.

✽ Unless otherwise specified, all offerings take place via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

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I have had transformative experiences working with Gabriela on several occasions. She continuously creates a safe container where I could go deep and explore the inner workings of my being. She is a beautiful soul who has a strong desire to help in the healing process.