Gabriela is trained in the oracular arts, dreamwork and shamanism. She is a writer, scholar, and multi-disciplinary artist with a background in music, dance, theatre, and the martial art of capoeira. With a mixed cultural heritage and a childhood raised in movement, her multi-lingual and inclusive approach are catalysts in opening the ways to ancient teachings for peoples from all walks of life.


Her body of work draws from the Lyceum, a gynocentric shamanic tradition that has its roots in Old Europe. She has been researching a particular vein of it that traces through Western Europe, particularly her country of birth in Spain, through the Mediterranean Basin and the Middle East. These ways were walked by womb shamans and temple priestesses who held the honey bee and the serpent as their central glyphs, and who sought gnosis (esoteric knowledge of spiritual mysteries) through embodiment, a deep connection with the natural world, and direct revelation from the realms of Spirit. She has assisted her teacher Naomi Lewis at The Sacred Trust on introductory and advanced trainings within the Lyceum for many years, with both women and men, and is the founder of The Virtual Temple, where she teaches and offers distance healing. At the heart of her work is a love affair with the natural world, and a passion to restore ancient wisdom from a hidden past that held the Feminine Principle at its heart, with the hope of contributing to a more just and regenerative future for all. 

"Working with Gabriela has been unlike any other self-discovery process I've ever engaged in.  I am deeply grateful for her insight and understanding of the intangible aspects of our experience as human beings.


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