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This one-to-one online mentoring program is designed to provide you with personalized support in your journey towards living a more sustainable life. 


'Become a Changemaker' will be divided in two parts: individual change and global change. 


We will begin by examining you personal habits and patterns, and seeing how we can transform them in a way that is suitable to your lifestyle. These changes will be aimed at both helping the planet, but also bringing heightened states of wellness into your life.


The second part will help you determine what kind of changemaker you are. Unveiling your calling, what makes you come alive, and what ignites your voice. 


So if you want to become a changemaker in 2019 and would like my support, please book in advance so I can accommodate everyone as spaces are currently limited to the first 10 people. 


We will meet once a month on Skype for a minimum of 3 months. Payment plans are available. Just e-mail me with your situation - I want this to be available to everyone.