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A hidden past can be found within old myths and folktales; within the metaphors of religious scriptures and holy books; beneath the structures of churches, mosques, synagogues and monasteries, and sometimes even upon their very walls.  A rich life-giving stream runs within the depths of all known religions and cross-cultural traditions and leads us back to a well of knowledge that could very well quench the thirst of our times.  

Before the erection of religious establishments, there were Temples.  Some were carved in stone and reached up to the skies, others lay low amongst the trees. Sometimes the Temples were Great Libraries and Mystery Schools. Sometimes they were simply nature itself.  But whatever the form, always there was a nucleus of wisdom that was accessible to all peoples, no matter their creed, race, social status or gender.  The Temples were watched over by shamans, priestesses, mystics, philosophers and wisdom teachers.  And much like within the hive of the humble honey bee, the Feminine Principle lay at the heart.  And so more often than not, the Temples were guarded by women.  Women were the gatekeepers to the otherworld. They were the living representation of the Earth herself and they were understood to hold the creative force of life within the Temple of their bodies, their wombs. 


During the major transitions in world views, most of the Temples were destroyed.  The Great Libraries were burned along with the scribed treasures that resided within them.  The wisdom teachers were silenced.  The temple priestesses and priests were enslaved.  The shamans were killed. The knowledge keepers were suppressed  Systems of domination established and perpetuated themselves across the most recent millennia, and lead us to where we are today.

But the human spirit is resilient.  And though much of the treasures of the ancient past were lost, much has also been saved.  And it is through the old myths and folktales, beneath the structures and upon the walls of religious monuments, and within the metaphors of scriptures and holy books, that we can find remnants of this hidden past.

The ancient teachings are alive and well.  They were safe-guarded by brave women and men throughout the ages and, against all odds, find their way to us today.  The teachings of the Temples are emerging from behind the Veil for all who cultivate the eyes to see.


To restore the nuclei of healing and wisdom into our societies and recreate them in a way that works for the modern human.  Carving out spaces in our very homes that become our 'Virtual Temple.'  A place for reflection, for daily practice, and for connecting online to the individual or group offerings. 


To make ancient teaching and healing accessible to anyone, anywhere, from the comfort of their own home.  For the single mothers who can't leave their child to go on retreat. For those with full time jobs who can't take time off.  For students who simply can't afford the extra expenses alongside workshop fees.  


To minimise our carbon footprints.  Both mine from being on the road teaching and offering healing work, and yours for commuting to places of learning.  

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