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Hi! I'm Gabriela.

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My intention for this space is to contribute to the dream of a healed world. My hope is that together, we can create a regenerative and ecologically just future by excavating ancient wisdom and applying it to our modern lives. 

about me

I was born in the Basque Country of Spain to a Welsh mother and a Spanish father.  My childhood was spent in movement, and I was raised in Spain, France, Switzerland, the UK and New York City.  I continued to travel extensively throughout my early adulthood, driven by a hunger for adventure married with a deep concern for the human condition and the state of the world. 

After graduating from the United Nations International School of New York when I was 17, I began a decade of humanitarian work around the world - volunteering with school kids in Ghana, refugees in Palestine, Tibetan ex-political prisoners in India, asylum seekers in London, Berber musicians from the Moroccan Sahara, victims of domestic violence in the US, and protecting indigenous peoples' land rights in Bolivia.

While studying for a bachelor's degree in Middle Eastern Studies, Arabic, and Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, I was hit by a car and left wheel-chair-bound for a few months.  This marked the beginning of my journey shifting from an outer one to an inner one.  My activism and human rights work was temporarily paused, and I began to immerse myself in the study of religions, mysticism and spiritual traditions from around the world.

When I had recovered, I went to spend a few weeks in the Bolivian Amazon and had a mystical experience that marked the beginning of my switch to a vegan lifestyle and a call to the esoteric.


I went to live with Jain nuns in their temple in Rajasthan, aspiring to learn from a philosophy of renunciation and non-violence.  I then lived in North Peru with a shaman and his family, who showed me the ways of his lineage.

With the intention of integrating and cultivating all I had learned on my travels, I moved back to London and spent a year in quiet reflection and self-study, creating a temple out of a little East London flat and going inwards, whilst studying cross-cultural dream work and acquiring certification in hypnotherapy. I then moved to New Jersey where I co-founded a cultural and wellness centre aimed at making well-being, sustainability and spirituality accessible to low-income communities, while commuting back and forth to the UK to complete two three-year certified trainings in classical shamanism and in a gynocentric European shamanic tradition called The Lyceum Lectorum.

Rajasthan, India

Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Guarani Tribe, Bolivia

A decade after embarking on my travels and studying within these lineages, I have crafted my own body of work - The Virtual Temple.  My intention is to make learning and healing accessible to all, from anywhere in the world.  I hope to contribute to the revival of ancient teachings in our modern world.  The Temple, whether in its form as the Great Libraries of Alexandria, Tripoli and Baghdad, the Mystery Schools of Ancient Greece, the Temple of the Oracles of Delphi, or the Temple as nature itself, is re-emerging from behind the Veil.  And it is there for all who cultivate the eyes to see.


See the OFFERINGS page for more information and the booking schedule. If courses are full, do e-mail me so I can add you to the waiting list.


Alongside my craft, I am a writer, a dancer, a martial artist and a singer/song-write, and have collaborated with artists and musicians globally. You can see some of my music videos on the YouTube channel 'The Involution Project.'

Through my art, climate action and shamanic work, I advocate for social and cultural change.

The philosophy I've come to: 

change the world from within.